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Immune Mediated Illness in the Hungarian Vizsla

Welcome to a website that has been set up to investigate the incidence and distribution of autoimmune and immune mediated illness in the Hungarian Vizsla. The project has the support of the UK breed health coordinator and also of the 2 UK breed associations – the Hungarian Vizsla Club and the Hungarian Vizsla Society.

Interest in immune mediated disease developed as a result of veterinary recognition of a breed associated presentation of Polymyositis – an inflammatory muscle disorder. In the vizsla the illness is typified by pharyngeal dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) together with drooling and muscle wasting (especially round the head)

Polymyositis results from inappropriate immune system behaviour.

radio before polymyositis
radio before polymyositis
radio after polymyositis
radio after polymyositis

As the investigations unfolded more began to be heard more about other immune mediated diseases. We wonder at their incidence and distribution. Might there be a connection? We do not know and only by asking people to tell us of their experiences can we begin to establish what might be the bigger picture.

For the purpose of this investigation it is hoped to explore some less defined disorders and there is particular interest in allergies and intolerances (skin and food) and gastro-intestinal problems also.

sebaceous adenitis
sebaceous adenitis
maddie before treatment

The other immune mediated illnesses are described here It must be remembered that  autoimmune disease is multi-factorial, meaning several things must happen for an individual to become ill. A trigger is required and this is something that must also be looked at.

If you have had experience of an immune related disorder in a vizsla PLEASE complete this questionnaire in respect of ALL vizslas that you have ever owned or know about. The further back that we can go the better. We need to hear from you again even if you have previously completed a general survey and submitted it to the breed health co-ordinator (our databases are not interchangeable)

It is vital for the future wellbeing of the Hungarian Vizsla that people are honest and forthcoming. Please help if you can. Everybody has a chance to make a difference. Even  tiny bits of information will contribute to the biggest understanding of how we might help our vizslas stay healthy. It would be wonderful if we could provide an example to other breeds of our corporate responsibility and determination to face up to problems because we care and are passionate about the future wellbeing of our beloved vizslas.

We promise total and absolute confidentiality about individual cases but for everybody’s benefit we will tabulate and anonymously analyse all responses and represent the results graphically on this website.

Once again we repeat that we are committed to a philosophy of anonymity and objectivity.

Contact details are here A support group is here

NOTE Our research is very specific and targeted in its purpose and scope and in no way does it replace or supplant other general vizsla health surveys such as those periodically conducted by the UK breed health coordinator (Sue Millson) or by the Vizsla Club of America.

Vizsla Inflammatory Polymyopathy (VIP) radio transparent cropped       A breed specific Polymyopathy (muscle disorder) has been recognised. We need to hear from any owner or vet that has had experience of the disease. Please contact us here Project supported by the two UK breed associations HVC and HVS

DNA collection - help needed

- please help with the research by offering your vizsla's DNA  - very quick and easy to do - see here


Clare Rusbridge's website

BVMS PhD DipECVN MRCVS RCVS and European Specialist in Veterinary Neurology

There is a scheme to collect DNA samples from affected vizslas and their relatives. Click here for information and instructions. We are indebted to Clare for her help.

Anna Tauro - Fitzpatrick Referrals

Clare Rusbridge - University of Surrey

Scientific papers - abstracts

Comparative Neuromuscular Laboratory

View a presentation by Dr Diane Shelton

View veterinary information on differential diagnosis

survey into immune mediated disease

Please complete our Health Survey -  if your vizsla has been affected by an immune mediated/auto immune disease

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