The purpose of this website is mostly to describe the Immune Mediated Health issues to which the Vizsla is predisposed.

Sadly the breed has other very serious health problems too – especially some cancers (Haemangiosarcoma and Lymphoma) and Epilepsy. Breeders should make it their priority to actively investigate the health issues that their stock is producing – and mitigate where possible

For VIP avoid breeding from the first degree relatives

For other complex inheritable diseases¬† – for which there is no test-(including epilepsy and immune mediated conditions) the Kennel Club also advocates great caution in the matter of breeding from unaffected dogs that have produced a disease or have affected siblings or parents¬† –read more – ¬† KC Advice

There are also some conditions which CAN be tested for – to enable more informed breeding decisions. The links below provide easy access to all Kennel Club Published Scores for vizslas in respect of the following conditions

These results can be verified on KC Health Results Finder And here is their Vizsla Breed Health and Conservation Plan

Kennel Club Assured Breeder and Hungarian Vizsla Club Approved Breeder status requires Hip Scoring and Gonioscopy before mating.


We recommend that prospective puppy buyers do a great deal of research before purchase. Please think carefully if the parents are not health tested and GRILL your prospective breeder about the other significant health problems that cannot be tested for.

The Dog Breeding Reform Group has excellent advice for the owners of puppies that go on develop breed related health problems that could have been avoided. Click on the Image for helpful guidance on what to do if things go wrong.


In the UK breeders must consider their legal position with regard to the provisions of the Animal Welfare regulations 2016 (Schedule 6)

(5) No dog may be kept for breeding if it can reasonably be expected, on the basis of its genotype, phenotype or state of health that breeding from it could have a detrimental effect on its health or welfare or the health or welfare of its offspring.