In 2011 the Hungarian Vizsla Club set up a fund to further research in to Vizsla Polymyositis and in 2012 all monies were to transferred to a reserved account managed by the Hungarian Welfare Charity

Their accounts detailing donations are here

So far the PM fund has contributed significantly to the work undertaken by the geneticists at CIGMR (Centre for Integrated Genomic Medical Research) It has also enabled veterinary and post mortem investigation of some affected vizslas.

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For the past 5 years the Hungarian Vizsla Welfare Charity has been able to contribute generously to the genetic research thanks to the amazing UK vizsla community which has responded and donated specifically to many Facebook appeals largely generated by affected dogs and their committed owners. Almost £28,000 has been donated to investigate how it might be possible to reduce the incidence of this life threatening and distressing disease. Most of the income has gone directly to the geneticists – but also some vet bills have been paid – as have been the costs of a couple of significant autopsies.

*October 2016*

There has been recent advance to the direction of the project with lead scientist Lorna Kennedy reporting that thanks to the Charity’s most recent donation (£10,000) it will now be possible to analyse whether the the published association, identified in 241 dogs, still holds in a larger group

If you would like to help financially with the research please use the donate button below to be taken to the Charity’s Paypal facility. Please be sure to specify ” PM Research” in the comments box and contributions will be acknowledged straight away.