This page is under construction – we are working on fundraising ideas.There are lots of projects in the pipeline.The donate button at the foot of the page is active. You will be directed to a page with a purpose “Vizsla PM fund”A paypal account is not necessary. You can donate with a credit/debit card. Please be sure to leave your name so that contributions can be acknowledged straight away.Every single donation that is made to help with the research in to polymyositis in the vizsla will be immediately published on the donations page.

There will be regular and speedy updates to detail income – and expenditure

So far the PM fund has contributed significantly to the work undertaken by the geneticists at CIGMR (Centre for Integrated Genomic Medical Research) It has also enabled veterinary and post mortem investigation of some affected vizslas.


Here too is a donate button for the Hungarian Vizsla Welafare Charity